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Colwin Group have been working within the construction industry since 1981 and offer a range of services which include:

Traditional Foundations

Underpinning Subsidence


Pressure Relief

Reinforced Beams / Rafts

Super Structure Repairs



New Build


We are able to provide our own unique 12 year insurance backed guarantee for all foundation works, whether newly installed or foundation improvement schemes at no extra cost.

Clients include market leading loss adjusters, engineers, insurers, local authorities and housing associations. In addition to this we undertake projects for private clients.

Our dedication to quality and customer experience has ensured that Colwin Group remain a leading company within the industry.

Design & Build


Assured Foundations

Fire & Flood

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Process Comparison

The adjacent process chart details
titles that are relevant to each
individual stage of a typical remedial
construction process. It highlights
that the conventional process
which is adopted in the majority of
repairs carried out is significantly
longer and more complicated
when cross referenced with Colwin
Group’s own method. While costs
and timescales will be individual
to each circumstance, the process
itself indicates that Colwin Group’s
simplified offering is a credible and
tangible alternative.

If you would like to print this Process comparison:

Conventional Process

First notification of loss (SI provided by Loss Adjuster)

Initial Site Investigation - generally adequate for causation but not for design

Instruct Further Site Investigation

Further Site Investigation Sent to Sub-Contractor for Design

Preparation of Schedule of Works including % uplift on Sub-Contractor

Sub-Contractor Health & Safety File Preparation

Main Contractor Health & Safety File Preparation

Enabling works for Sub-Contractor (Variation Required)

Sub-Structure Works Completed

Super-Structure Repairs Completed by Main Contractor

Completion File and Issue of Sub-Contractors Guarantee

Colwin Process

First notification of loss

Initial Survey

Site Investigation, Design and Preparation of Schedule of Works

Health & Safety File Preparation

Substructure & Superstructure Repairs Completed as One Contract

Completion File and Issue of 12 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee

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